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Our food

Our menu offers you a taste of the most popular foods found in the Holy Land. It is made from home recipes and our experience in the markets of Nazareth and Jerusalem. Our food is both fresh and authentic.

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Baba Ghanoush

The Lebanese answer to hummus, where the garbanzo beans are substituted with grilled eggplant. Usually served as a side dish or an appetizer.


Made from ground garbanzo beans, vegetables, and spices formed into balls and deep-fried. Falafel is complimented with a variety of vegetables, pickles, and sauces.


With special marinades and spices, meat on the grill is a must for any outing in the Holy Land. We offer chicken, kufta kebab, vegetables and cheese skewers; and the ultimate lamb burger.


Hummus is made of garbanzo beans, tahini, garlic, and lemon juice. Ful, a traditional topping added to hummus, is made of crushed fava beans flavored with garlic and lemon juice.

Laban, Labanah, Jibnah

The traditional yogurt, soft cheese, and hard cheese used in the Holy Land. These cheeses are found in a number of our dishes. Other types of middle eastern cheeses are available as well.


Traditional Middle Eastern pizza made with unique toppings. It is especially popular in Jerusalem where it is offered in a larger variety.

Meat & Rice

Rice topped with meat is used for festive and special occasions. We offer traditionally prepared lamb and chicken quarters with a choice of Saudi (Basmati) or Arabic (Jasmine) rice.


Olive oil is a main ingredient in our dressings. In addition, we offer a number of flavor-infused olive oils and balsamics that perfectly compliment our fresh pita.


Pita bread is the main bread used in the Holy Land and other parts of the Middle East. It is used for sandwiches and as the main “utensil” for scooping food off the plate. We even built the same pita making machine that is used in the Holy Land. Flat bread makes a great shawarma wrap.


Chicken breast pounded, dipped in spiced breadcrumbs, and fried. European in origin, schnitzel is now common in the Holy Land.


Made of poached eggs on top of a spicy bed of grilled tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cheese. In addition we offer a number of Middle Eastern omelet dishes.


Marinated meat cooked slowly on a vertical skewer. We offer both lamb and chicken shawarma complimented with a variety of vegetables, pickles, and sauces. Amba sauce, made of green mango is the traditional sauce for Shawarma.


Tahini is a thick butter-like paste made of crushed sesame seeds and is an important ingredient and sauce.


Middle Eastern salad made of chopped parsley, bulgur (cracked wheat), spring onion, mint, lemon juice and olive oil. It is traditionally complimented with cubed tomatoes. We also offer a number of other salads with Middle Eastern flavor.


The main fish found in the Sea of Galilee. We offer tilapia portions fried in garlic olive oil.


Spice mix named after the herb often mislabeled as thyme, it contains Za’atar leaves, sesame seeds and other spices. It is mixed with oil to make a sauce used as a dip and a topping for Manakish.
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Served on your choice of pita or flat bread with condiments*